Fun Project: Create a captivating photo op, featuring locally commissioned foam fabricators crafting oversized F and T letters from the FIT logo, allowing attendees to stand in the middle replacing the I, resulting in an interactive experience that promoted the FIT brand.


The Project
Event Branding & Marketing

Recognizing the significance of education in fostering and retaining users of digital technology, Planmeca organized a comprehensive continuing education conference. This event featured 24 keynote speakers who provided instruction and demonstrations on new techniques and applications of their CAD/CAM restorative system. The objective was to create branded marketing materials for the two-day conference.

The Results

The outcome was a resounding success with hundreds of dental practices in attendance. Managing the myriad of details involved in hosting such a large-scale event can be overwhelming. In addition to my role as a designer, I took on the responsibilities of co-project management, venue scouting, budgeting, photographer, and hands-on assistance throughout the conference.