Regrettably, I failed to make copies of the hand-drawn booklet Saddle Talk originated from. There was only a single old and tattered version in existence.

Fun Project: I was commissioned to design and craft custom rodeo trophy fenders using a laser engraver.


The Project

Action Company presented me with the opportunity to completely transform its art department's graphics, branding, and digital presence. They were the leading manufacturer of western saddles and tack, operating in wholesale and retail, with seven brick-and-mortar stores, partner brands, and wholesale and retail websites. My goal was to give their disjointed branding a cohesive look.

The Results

With full creative control, I overhauled everything and had the chance to build my first e-commerce site, develop an Amazon store and redesign the retail site. I successfully crafted visually stunning content that resulted in increased sales revenue and customer satisfaction. Despite Action Company closing its operations, the knowledge I gained from the experience will always hold a special place for me.