3D Tradeshow Booth Rendering: D Patrick - Graphics: Kelly Schira

Fun Project: Collaborating with industry partners, we created a passport guide for dental professionals, directing them through the digital implant planning process and validating their journey with unique colored stamps at each partner booth, resulting in a highly successful and engaging experience that significantly increased booth traffic.

Planmeca FIT

The Project
Print Marketing

Planmeca's CAD/CAM division faced a challenge in presenting their individual products as a cohesive family unit, distinct from competitors who focused on selling digital scanners individually. To address this, a strategic approach was adopted to tie together their offerings and highlight the advantages of in-house crown and implant creation.

The Results

Calling the individual components an Open CAD/CAM System, Planmeca FIT was born. The result was a significant increase in sales and heightened awareness among dental professionals regarding the ease of producing high-quality crowns and implants on-site rather than outsourcing to a lab.